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Fully Bilingual IT Support

In our increasingly connected global economy, one language is hardly ever sufficient, especially in the world of Information Technologies. In Japan, bilingual talent is becoming more and more common, but bilingual talent with relevant IT expertise is still hard to find. Our bilingual IT support service provides enterprises with the English-speaking IT expertise they need in a local Japanese package.

Service Examples

  • Internal/External IT Help Desk
  • Network Operation and Maintenance
  • Customer IT Services
  • Groupware management(G-suite etc)
  • IT Management Consulting

Our flexible staffing options can be deployed to your company, or remotely with weekly, monthly or on-demand service structures.
We are ready and willing to help with any project big or small, always putting clients’ needs first and foremost.

Other Services
We offer a variety of additional support services to provide
our customers the best support possible

  • Multilingual Web Services

    Create bespoke multilingual sites that show your business in the best light, ready to represent you in Japan and beyond

  • Localization

    Translate all of your necessary IT materials into Japanese or English to ensure that all your staff and customers are on the same page

  • Customer Support Service

    Starting with phone and mail support and extending to Line, SNS, Skype, and more, we provide the best in professional customer support


What does your pricing structure look like?

Because our solutions are frequently tailored to customer needs, we craft a quotation for each individual project and contract. Please get in touch with us to discuss your desired services and we’ll be happy to offer you the most competitive pricing possible.

We are still a small operation. Do you provide small scale, as-needed IT support services?

We’re happy to provide service in the manner that best suits our customers needs. Supporting you based on your current situation and helping you grow beyond it is our primary goal.

Do you provide quotations, invoices, and other documents in English?

Absolutely. We are happy to provide documentation in whatever format you need.

Our main IT team is located outside of Japan. Will your team be able to coordinate with overseas teams?

We have plenty of experience assisting overseas companies with their Japanese IT systems, and are more than happy to coordinate with overseas teams.

Are your staff primarily foreign born?

Because we strive to achieve not only bilingual ability, but also a high-level of Japanese service, our IT support experts are mostly bilingual Japanese nationals

Our office is not located in Tokyo or Osaka. Can we still make use of your services?

While it does depend on the nature of the project, we are open to remote work and other support arrangements. Please get in touch with us to let us know your situation, and we’ll do our best to find a working arrangement for you.

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